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Hypocadastral Extract

Shows the summary list of information relating to a party or property concerning transcriptions, inscriptions and annotations.

It is a document of the national database of the Real Estate Registers of the Territorial Agency that contains the summary list of information (official documents) relating to a party or property. The search involves up to a maximum of 30 official documents, which can be of three types:

  • Transcripts: sales, inheritance, donations, foreclosures, seizures;
  • Registrations: voluntary and liens by court order, other encumbrances and constraints;
  • Annotations: cancellations of mortgages, subrogations, etc.

In the case of purchases they are called official documents ""in favour”, in the case of sales or mortgages, etc., they are called ""against"". Each official document listed shows:

  • Type of deed (sale, inheritance, etc.);
  • Date of the deed;
  • Registration number;

The sources of this information are the Real Estate Registers filed with the offices of the Territorial Agency.

For towns with multiple Real Estate Registers the price will be multiplied.

Real Estate Register fees included in the price.




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