General Terms


  1. The contract is finalized upon online acceptance of these general conditions, together with the order confirmation and the related payment. The consideration, shown and accepted at the time of purchase, will also be due in the event of a negative outcome of the activities.

  2. In case of revocation of the appointment after the day following the order, Ponzi SpA will invoice the entire amount established.
  3. The Client appoints Ponzi SpA as a subject with a specific prefectural license and authorization (pursuant to art.134 of the TULL.PS and artt. 327bis and 222 dL 27/1/89 mod. With Law 397 / 2000), for the acquisition of the requested information and the execution of the information services referred to in this contract. All information provided by Ponzi SpA is transmitted with the obligation of secrecy by the Client, who undertakes not to disclose it to third parties and to take the necessary measures to ensure its confidentiality and its use exclusively for the purposes referred to in next point 4.
  4. Pursuant to Legislative Decree, the Client, in conferring the aforementioned assignment to Ponzi SpA, undertakes to request only information that is necessary and lawfully usable for the following cases of treatment :

    • fulfillment of a legal or regulatory obligation;
    • execution of contractual obligations towards the interested party;
    • fulfillment, before the conclusion of the contract, of specific requests from the interested party (acquisition of pre-contractual information);
    • information from public sources that anyone can know;
    • information relating to the performance of economic activities;
    • protection or defense of one's rights in court;
    • carrying out defensive investigations
    • use of the services provided by Ponzi SpA to provide support to the following subjects:

      • Third party holders of rights towards third party debtors or related parties who make use of the services of the Client;
      • Third parties who make use of the Client's services for the execution of checks and consultancy related to the possibility of acquiring contracts, goods and/or rights claimed from third party debtors or connected subjects offered for sale by the respective holders of the contracts, goods and/or or rights.
  5. In the processing of personal data for the purposes referred to in this contract, the Parties undertake, to the extent of their respective competence, to comply with the provisions of the Privacy Code and, in particular, the Client guarantees compliance with the information obligations to the interested party. and the acquisition of the relative consent, where necessary according to the law.
  6. Ponzi SpA will keep the information and personal data processed no later than 30 days after sending it to the Client. Therefore, any subsequent requests for information or clarifications must be accompanied by a copy of the report.
  7. Ponzi SpA reserves the right to withdraw from the contract or to suspend its execution at any time without giving reasons. In this case, his only obligation will be to communicate his withdrawal in writing to the customer by registered letter or certified e-mail and to reimburse him the price already received for services in whole or in part not yet rendered.
  8. The Court of Milan will have exclusive jurisdiction for any dispute.
  9. Any damage caused by Ponzi SpA to the Client in the performance of its services will be reimbursed to an extent that cannot in any case exceed the amount agreed in this contract for the individual service whose performance will have caused damage to the Client. Any compensation for damages, direct or indirect, suffered by the customer following the use of the information provided by Ponzi SpA is expressly excluded, given that the latter makes use of data from public registers, lists, bulletins and archives from public sources.
  10. We remind you that Ponzi SpA reserves the right to change, modify, expand, delete or update, at its sole discretion and at any time, in whole or in part, these General Conditions of Use. We therefore invite you to regularly access this section of our site, to check the publication of the most recent and updated General Conditions of Use.
  11. Except for willful misconduct or gross negligence, in no other case Ponzi SpA, or its directors or employees can be held responsible in any way for any injury and / or damage of any kind or nature, in which a user of the www. may be incurred, deriving from:
    • the use or the inability to use the services of and/or by the user;
    • any failure to perform, or errors, omissions, interruptions, defects, delays in the operation or transmission of data or documents, computer viruses, line or system failure (including data loss), as well as inaccuracy of information;
    • failure to comply with the delivery terms published on the site for purely indicative purposes;
    • any unauthorized access to, or unauthorized use of, Ponzi SpA servers or any information contained therein;
    • any bug, virus, Trojan horse or similar, which may be transmitted through the services of and/or by any third party.

Pursuant to and for the purposes of articles 1341 of the Civil Code. the Client, after careful reading, declares to specifically approve the following clauses: 2 (revocation of the assignment / consequences), 7 (right of withdrawal / methods and consequences), 8 (competent court), 9 (liability for damages / limits).