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Ponzi Cash ®

If you can't wait for customers' payment times, Ponzi Cash ® helps companies receive trade receivables straightaway and get immediate liquidity, without having to open a new bank account or provide personal guarantees.

The service is exclusively aimed at companies:

  • We evaluate the customer's invoice(s) (each amount exceeding €4000) quickly and at reasonable expense
  • If there is positive creditworthiness we make our purchase offer as an investor
  • Within 4 days we provide the agreed liquidity

You can take advantage of the service only if :

  • You represent a limited company (S.r.l., S.p.A., etc.)
  • Outstanding invoices are not time-expired, and have a maximum deadline of 160 days.
  • Your customers are limited companies (S.r.l., S.p.A., etc.) and do not belong to the Public Administration.

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