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Cadastral Extract

Information recorded in the Cadastral archive

The cadastre or Real Estate Register is the set of documents and records containing the results of assessment, measurement and estimation operations carried out in order to determine the size and yield of real estate assets, as well as to identify the parties to which the assets belong.

This data is in the archive of the Territorial Agency.

The Extract can be requested by property (if you know the cadastral identification data) or by name with tax code for the Province and/or the entire national territory.

If more than 10 real estate units are searched, a supplement of €5 will be required for every 10 subsequent real estate units (or fractions of 10) present in the document. The system will notify you of the supplement. The amount of €5 will also be charged in the event of a negative outcome.

The tables of Trento, Bolzano and Friuli Venezia Giulia are excluded from this search.




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