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Recovery Dossier

Economic, asset, financial, commercial and income information on natural and legal persons.

Investigation in support of Credit Recovery activities.

Qualified and in-depth information about natural and/or legal persons.

For natural person, the service includes:

  • Tracing the party's address and availability
  • Telephone numbers
  • Tracing activities carried out with estimated gross annual remuneration
  • Bank Accounts - National Tracing
  • Tracing registered vehicles
  • Protests and Real Estate Proceedings
  • Company shareholdings
  • Positions and offices within companies
  • Chart of the links between companies and individuals
  • Inspections and searches in the Real Estate Register
  • Real Estate Owned (Cadastral)
  • Press cuttings
  • Rumours
  • Consensus

For legal entities:

  • Performed activity
  • Check actual offices
  • Tracing verified contacts
  • Description of operational structure
  • Check for any insolvency / liquidation procedures
  • Management / corporate structure
  • Exponent co-interests and possible group synergies
  • Check for any shareholdings in other companies
  • Graph of links between society and people
  • Financial performance and situation
  • Latest budget available
  • Protests and Prejudices
  • Bank Accounts - National Tracing
  • Inspections and research in the Conservatory
  • Owned properties (Cadastre)
  • Press articles
  • Rumors
  • Consensus

In order to find this information, on-the-spot investigations are required.







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