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Tracing Heirs and Acceptance Verification

Search for legitimate heirs and verification of acceptance or renunciation of inheritance.

The service includes the search for those called to inherit (legitimately) and the verification of any acts of acceptance and/or renunciation of the inheritance in all Real Estate Registers of Italy.

The purpose of the survey is to collect the names of the heirs de cuiusup to the first degree, including the personal data (name, surname, date and place of birth) and the address of residence. If it is necessary to extend the search to second degree heirs, an ad hoc cost estimate will be formulated.

The service allows you to know:

  1. Names and personal data of heirs up to the first degree
  2. Degree of kinship
  3. Address of residence up to 3 heirs
  4. Telephone accounts (if available from public sources).
  5. VAT number and tax domicile up to 3 heirs

""Heirs Tracing"" is a useful service during debt collection, aimed at finding those who can be called to inherit in the absence of a will, developed through in-depth and historical checks at the relevant Offices.







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