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Unfair competition and customer diversion

Company investigations to combat unfair competition and customer diversion activity

The concept of unfair competition referred to in Art. 2598 of the Italian Civil Code imposes rules of fairness and honesty on companies operating in the market, so that none can benefit, in the dissemination and placement of their products or services, by adopting methods contrary to the ethics of commercial relations.

The most frequent cases of unfair competition investigation:

  • Infidelity of members, collaborators, executives, directors
  • Sale of empty companies, opening of a new business in competition by transferring know-how and personnel
  • Verification of employee theft, diversion or customer poaching
  • Actions to protect the trademark or patent
  • Non-observance of the right of territorial exclusivity

The purpose of the investigations is to gather evidence to document all unlawful acts pursuant to Article 2598 et seq. of the Italian Civil Code, providing decisive evidence for the protection of company assets.

All the evidence collected can be used in court.

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