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Cyber Security

Risk assessment and prevention of computer incidents

The risk of cyber attacks on companies is very high, so it is important to keep professionals constantly updated on the most technologically advanced products.

Some examples of cyber incidents:

  • Unauthorised access
  • Theft of computer data or a computer system
  • Computer fraud: fraud over telecomms networks often strikes companies, much more than individuals.

Our team of experts, with international experience, analyses the level of security of your business system through an investigative process called Vulnerability Assessment in order to assess the risks to which the system is exposed.

The purpose of the activity is to probe, test and verify the reliability of each device connected to the company network. During the work, the data processing processes and the tools used on the network are also evaluated.

Achieving a high degree of security always depends on the weakest link of the chain: the human element. The concept of IT vulnerability, then, will not only be assessed from a technological aspect, but also through the analysis of human and organisational processes related to the processing, and protection, of the most sensitive company data.


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