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Aliunde Perceptum Assessment

Investigations to prove so-called Aliunde Perceptum.

Through the search for investigations it is possible to obtain indications about income from official and unofficial work.

By obtaining a complete overview of the worker's sources of income after dismissal, the employer can then overcome the presumption of equivalence of damage with pay, in order to reduce or completely cancel the former employee's claim for compensation.

The aliunde perceptum in labour law therefore indicates the remuneration that has been paid to the dismissed worker by third parties for the performance of a work activity after his/her dismissal. These amounts must be deducted from the amount that is awarded to the dismissed person as compensation.

The burden of proof lies with the employer, who must therefore prove in court not only the fact of the new employment found by the employee seeking reinstatement, but also his/her income, since this makes it possible to reduce the amount of alleged damages.

All the evidence collected can be used in court.

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