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Vehicle License Plate

Allows for obtaining the technical data of a vehicle and the complete data of the current owner (including residence).

The license plate extract from the Public Motor Vehicle Register (PRA) allows you to obtain the technical data of a vehicle, the complete data of the owner (Name and Surname or Company Name, Tax Code and/or VAT No., Date of Birth, Residence Address or Registered Office) and the presence of encumbrances on the vehicle (administrative custody, mortgages, leases, loans in progress, verification of theft, loss of possession and check on radiation).

For plates registered before 1993, prices and timing will suffer changes due to the non-digitisation of such in the PRA archives.

Attention: mopeds (50 cc), agricultural vehicles and old-type plates registered before 1993 are not registered in the PRA database.


Registered Vehicle Tracing

If you need to verify which vehicles are registered to a party (natural person or company) you can request the Registered Vehicle Tracing service.



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