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Dossier International

Data and information about foreign private entities

The Foreign Dossier of Gruppo Investigativo Ponzi SpA includes detailed, comprehensive financial information on foreign subjects.

Through the collaboration with important, highly qualified international partners, today we can satisfy the most demanding information requirements in financial, capital and reputational terms. The result is a precise and efficient service that provides clear, well-structured information reports with profound investigative insights and a global operational coverage.

We can supply both official and unofficial data on companies in more than 250 countries worldwide, starting from the profile of the company of interest, providing details of representatives, powers, figures from the financial statements, and incorporation information, and through to more investigative information of a financial and capital nature.

The Foreign Dossier contains an assessment of the overall reliability of companies, resulting from the use of unique metrics shared by every international partner.

An Italian translation service is available on request.


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