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Online Company Financial Statement

Online Financial statements

The Financial Statements are accounting documents, drawn up (compiled) by the directors, or by those appointed by them, at the end of each administrative period, which determine both the financial result for the year (profit) and the financial and capital position of the company.

The Company Financial Statement is a very important tool for obtaining information relating to the economic situation of a company.
Pursuant to articles 2423 and following of the italian Civil Code, the company financial statements are a set of accounting documents that must be drawn up (for legal persons for which there is an obligation to deposit) by the director or directors of a company, or by the subjects who legally represent the company and are responsible for it from an accounting, administrative and fiscal point of view.
The deposit is made in order to make public the balance sheet and financial statements of a company at the end of the reference period, and to represent the economic result of the year itself.
The preparation of the financial statements must always take account of the accounting principles, in addition to those provided for in the Civil Code.




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