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Online Company Extract

Legal information and main financial and administrative information of a company.

The "Online Chamber of Commerce Extract" contains legal information on the company and the main financial and administrative information including: personal data, tax code, legal status, date of incorporation, activity carried out, administrative offices, corporate bodies, local units.

The Chamber of Commerce Extract is the document that provides information on any Italian company, individual or collective, registered in the Register of Companies kept by the Italian Chambers of Commerce (one for each Province).

The nature of the information present in the Extract depends on the legal status of the company, that is, whether it is a limited company, a partnership or an individual company.
An extract of a limited company will report information about shareholders and holders of rights in stocks or shares, directors, technical managers, holders of other offices or positions and supervisory bodies. For partnerships, data on shareholders and holders of offices and positions may be obtained. Finally, for individual companies, it is possible to learn information on the owner of the company.

It is possible to request the Historical version of the extract containing all the information from its origins and provides a complete and updated picture of the structure, characteristics and history of the company.

Optional services available

This investigation can be enriched by adding the following auxiliary services:
  • Historical Company Extract
    Chamber of Commerce certificate which contains all the information, from the date of first incorporation, filed in the C.C.I.A.A. on any Italian company registered in the Company Register.
    Price 3,00 € Normal
  • Partnership
  • Limited company

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