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Appointments and Company Positions

Roles, positions and offices claimed in companies by natural or legal persons.

The verification of the presence of any company positions and shareholdings can be carried out on all Italian companies registered at a Chamber of Commerce and returns the indication of the positions held by a single subject, both current and past, within corporations or individuals, as well as any legal representation.

In the specific case of Limited companies, ownership is always distributed in its entirety into shares or units held by natural and/or legal persons. Through this investigation, it is possible to identify the overall picture of the shareholders of a given company with the detail of the shares held by each individual shareholder or quotist including any changes in shares as well as deposited in the company register of the Chambers of Trade.

Optional services available

This investigation can be enriched by adding the following auxiliary services:
  • And ceased positions
    Price 2,00 € Normal
  • Current Corporate shareholdings
    Price 9,50 € Normal
  • Historical corporate shareholdings
    Price 12,50 € Normal

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